Character Count in Word 2007

By default Word 2007 displays the total number of words in your document at the bottom left corner of the document window. This area is also known as the left corner of “Status Bar”. The snapshot below is an example of the status bar in Word 2007. Currently it is showing that the number of “Words” is “8” in the document. This number will increase as you type more into the document.

Status Bar in Word 2007

In addition to the “Word Count” sometimes you also need to know the number of characters in your document. “Character Count in Word 2007” can be seen with or without spaces with a click of your mouse. Below image will explain how to do this.

Suppose you to count the characters of the following line;

example of Character Count in Word 2007

 Simply click the “Words” in the status bar (see the picture)

Character Count in Word 2007

Clicking the Word will open the “Word Count Dialog Box” as shown in the picture below;

Character Count Dialog Box in Word 2007


The “Word Count” shows the complete statistics of your document, e.g. Number of Pages, Words, Character count with and without Spaces, Paragraphs and Lines.

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